Lineage Report



19 May 2021

Tester ME & Cindy Barber
Note: Lineage begins with first male found on 1850 US Census.



         Generation One - Albert C. Rutledge and Josephine Elizabeth Jackson were married 3 October 1872.[1]  Albert was born 13 November 1848 to Thomas Talbot Rutledge and Cynthia Richardson.[2] He died 14 April 1927.[3]


         Generation Two - Thomas Talbott Rutledge and Cynthia Richardson were married 4 May 1841 in Saint James Protestant Episcopal Parish, Baltimore, Maryland.[4] Thomas was born in Harford County Maryland on 29 Nov 1813 to Joshua Rutledge and Augustine Ann Biddle.[5] Thomas died 13 October 1883 in Harford County, Maryland.[6]


         Generation Three - Joshua Rutledge and Augustine Ann Biddle were married 11 November 1792 in Baltimore County, Maryland.[7] Joshua was born 3 April 1759 to Abraham Rutledge and Penelope Rutledge.[8] Joshua died 15 September 1825.[9]


         Generation Four - Abraham Rutledge and Penelope Rutledge were married 13 October 1747 in Maryland.[10] Abraham was probably born between 1721 and 1727 to Michael Rutledge and Hannah (surname unknown).[11]  Abraham died 13 September 1807.[12]


         Generation Five - Michael Rutledge and Hannah (surname unknown) were married before November 1718 in Maryland.[13] Michael was born about 1695.[14]


         Generation Six - Michael Rutledge (bef. 1674-1709?)  The top contender for this generation, Michael first appears in Baltimore County, Maryland in the will of John Boring. When Boring died in 1690, he owed Michael 400 pounds. [15] This bill, the first reference to Michael and listed alongside Edward Rutledge, suggests Michael was an adult in 1690. This coupled with the 1692 census, where he had to be over the age of 16, shows he was born before 1674.[16]  Michael was the only adult male in his household on the north side of the Patapsco River, in the same area as the Boring and Ferry families. In 1694, aged around 20, Michael stayed the only male older than 16 in his household.

In 1698, now more than 24 years old, Michael Rutledge, Planter, bought Hopewell, 60 acres located along Sterling Creek in Baltimore County, less than 5 miles northeast of the Boring lands for 2,000 pounds of tobacco from Robert Benger.[17] In 1699 he lived in the Middle River Hundred.[18]

I believe this is Michael who was married to Anne and died in 1709. His inventory and probate make no mention of land. However, this is common if the land passed silently to his oldest son (right of progeniture). In 1709 he would have been over 36 years old. There is no record of probate for Anne Rutledge, so she likely remarried. Given his death date, he may have been born as early as 1654 or before.

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