Who ARE John C's Children?

Just who were John C's children? John died intestate, probably in April 1828. The estate administration records found in the Maryland State Archives are listed below.

Baltimore City, Administrations, Vol 8:201, 202 29 Apr 1828

John C died intestate; Joshua Standiford granted letter of Administration. Clement Standiford & Hugh Doyle, securities. There were 5 disbursements listed: 1 May 1829, 28 Oct 1829, 12 Apr 1831, 19 Apr 1832, and 4 Sep 1840.

April Term 1828. Baltimore County Orphans Court, Vol 14:164

Application of Joshua Standiford, administrator was ordered to sell the personal estate.

5 May 1828 – Estate Inventory, Bk37: 117-120

No clues to children.

June Term 1828, Baltimore County Orphan’s Court Bk 14:194

Belinda Rutledge was appointed guardian of Sarah Ann Rutledge, the orphaned daughter of John C. Rutledge. Nicholas and John Bull posted Securities.

Baltimore County Register of Wills, Administration Account, Libre 26:448

1st account, 9 May 1828, funeral and sale expenses and other administrative amounts


(Land Records)


WG 191, p. 0633

MSA CE 66-241

Estate Division

10 Oct 1828, Joshua Standiford, petitions court. John C left a tract of land in Baltimore County, 28 miles from Baltimore City, near York Turnpike Road, called “Rutledge’s Labour”. Left a widow and the following Children: Susannah, wife of Hugh Doyle; Elizabeth, wife of Jesse Wantland; Jane, wife of petitioner, Joshua Standiford; Mary, William, Peter, John, Thomas and Sarah Ann, a minor. Susannah, Jane, Mary, Thomas, and John refused the property division and forced the sale of Rutledge’s Labour.

Baltimore County and City, Deck 2, Range 30, Section 7, Container 35. Libre 27:197-198

2nd account, 1 May 1829, payments of debts and 1828 taxes.

Baltimore County Register of Wills, Administration Account, Libre 28:306

3rd account, 28 Oct 1829, Belinda Rutledge, In full her proportion of estate $226.11; Hugh Doyle and Susan his wife, daughter of the deceased, in full $50.23; John Rutledge, son of deceased in full, $50.23; Mary Rutledge, daughter, now Mary Leach, wife of John Leach, in full $50.23; Jane Rutledge, daughter, now Jane Standiford, wife of Joshua Standiford, in full $50.23; Thomas Rutledge, son, in full $50.23; to Belinda for Sarah Ann Rutledge, minor daughter, $50.23.

Baltimore County Register of Wills, Administration Account, Libre 29:230-231

4th account, 12 Apr 1831, William Rutledge, son, in full $50.23.

Peter Rutledge, son, in full $50.23. Note: $50.39 remains in the Account. (Elizabeth Wantland has not been paid). Note: over a year has passed since the last disbursement, could Peter and William be living away from Baltimore County?

Baltimore County Register of Wills, pg 411.

5th account, 4 Sept 1840, Attorney in fact for Jesse Wantland for Elizabeth, his wife. In full, $50.23