Was Michael's wife Hannah Scott?

Researchers through the years have put forward that Michael married Hannah Scott, daughter of Daniel Scott.

In a disposition taken on 17 February 1729, Michael Rutledge, "aged 34 years or thereabouts", said that he lived with Daniel Scott and heard him speak of a certain tree. This statement places Michael in the Scott household and gives us a birth year of about 1695. It is possible that Michael lived with the Scotts after the death of his father Michael in 1709. Daniel Scott was a large landowner and certainly had room for the young teenager.

Ten years later (1719), at the age of 24, Michael bought Rutledge's Venture.

No will was found in Baltimore or Anne Arundel counties.

The probate account record dated 9 July 1725 of Daniel Scott's estate lists these family members:

Jane, widow of the deceased 163:10:0

Ann Smith (wife of Thomas), one of the daughters 65:1:0

Jane Hughs (wife of Samuel), one of the daughters 65:7:5

Sarah Preston (wife of James), a daughter 64:18:3

Avarilah Durbin (wife of John), a daughter 62:18:7

There is no payment to Hannah, or to Michael Rutledge. The amounts paid are consistent with the dower rights of one-third of the estate going to the widow and the rest to the children. No record of disbursement to his son Daniel was noted, nor information on the land. I assume Daniel junior received the land.

Daniel Scott, son of Daniel, died in 1745. He had a daughter Hannah who was married to Edward Norris. The names Daniel and Hannah appear to have continued down through the Scott family. Hannah who was married to Michael Rutledge signed a deed in 1719, so Michael could not have married Daniel Junior's daughter. There is no mention of a Rutledge in the 1745 probate of Daniel Scott, Jr.

Research is not complete without a look at land records. A search of the Grantor Index from 1655-1769 and a subsequent look at the Scott entries found in those indices revealed no connection to the Rutledge family. There is no record of a sale to a Rutledge from 1693-1769. In 1729 Jane Scott, widow of Daniel bequeathed property to her grandchildren. No Rutledge was mentioned.

It is odd that there is no record of property dispersal for the estate of Daniel Scott, or later of his widow Jane Scott. A search of Anne Arundel county chancery court was negative. Later land records show that Daniel, son of Daniel took over the lands of his father.

There is no other Daniel Scott in Baltimore or Anne Arundel County during this period.

Conclusion: There is no evidence to support the statement that Michael Rutledge married Hannah Scott, daughter of Daniel.

Baltimore County grantor index 1693-1769