JOHN C. is NOT MY William's Father!

Some researchers believe that John C. Rutledge was the father of MY William and John of Muskingum and Morgan counties, Ohio. This was easily disproved, and after 20+ years, I am really tired of seeing this in other trees!

Let me clarify this - John C. was the father of two sons, William and John, but these sons are not the William and John that are my ancestors.

In 1810 John C. Rutledge was over the age of 45, so he was born before 1765. In 1813 he bought part of Rutledge’s Labour from Thomas C. Rutledge. In 1828, John dies, leaving his wife, Belinda Bull, and several children. John and Belinda were married in 1821, so there was probably a previous marriage.

His daughter's names (Susannah, Elizabeth, Mary, and Sarah) do not correspond with the 7 sisters of William, John D, Edmund, and Michael.

If he were born in 1765, John would have been 63 at his death.

My ancestors - Edmund, William, John D., and Michael - were born from 1765-1777. John C. was probably NOT the father based on his suspected birthdate alone.

John C.'s children are listed in his estate administration. His sons were William, John, Peter, and Thomas. His last child, Sarah Ann, was born about 1825, so John was probably not much over 63 at his death and may have been a bit younger, but still not young enough to father Edmund, William, John D., and Michael.

John C was a cousin of my Rutledge line, NOT their father!