Elias Robinson Rutledge

Proof Argument

Is Mary E. Rutledge the mother of Elias Robinson Rutledge?

An analysis of the 1840-1860 Ripley County, Indiana census provides evidence that Elias may have been the son of Mary Rutledge. The table above shows a side-by-side comparison.

In 1860 Johnson township, Mary, 62, headed the household containing Jesse, 20; Sidney, 11; and a daughter whose name is unreadable, but may be Mercy, 12. Thomas Jefferson Rutledge, 32 and Elias R. Rutledge, 39 live nearby.

In 1850, Mary, 51, lives in Franklin township. Males James V., 18; Dillman B [sp?], 16; Jesse 10; and Sydney Cropper, 1; and female Minerva Ann, 13 reside with Mary. Thomas Jefferson, 21 is two entries below Mary and Elias, 29, is living in Johnson township.

Sidney Cropper is the son of Polly Jane Rutledge and William S. Cropper. They married 18 Jun 1846 in Ripley County, Indiana. It appears that Mary was raising her grandson. No census record of William or Polly Cropper was found.

In 1840, Mary, 41, is living in Delaware township, Ripley County. While no names are listed, sons Jesse, James V, Dillman, Thomas Jefferson, and Elias all fit. Two other males, one age 15-20 and the other 20-30 are also in the household. Minerva is accounted for, and an additional female aged 10-15 is listed. Polly Jane may be the additional female. Mary is living next to Elias Robinson, age 60-70 (b.1770-1780). Elias has a male 20-30, female 20-30 and a female 60-70 in the household. Benjamin Robinson, 30-40 is two lines down.

In 1830, Jacob Rutledge is living in Scott County, Indiana. Children of the same ages as Thomas Jefferson and Elias are noted. The as-yet unidentified son who appears on the 1840 census with Mary is also present on the 1830 census as well as the second son born 1820-1825. A daughter of the age of Polly Jane and a female of Mary’s age are listed. Because of this exact match, I believe this is Jacob and Mary.

On 11 November 1816, Jacob Rutledge and Elias Robinson posted a marriage bond in Harrison County, Kentucky for the marriage of Polly Robinson and Jacob. While no direct evidence has been found, the following circumstantial evidence lends credence to the theory that this is the same Mary Rutledge.

1) Polly is a common nickname for Mary

2) Mary appears on the 1840 Ripley County Census. Since Jacob died in 1839, this makes sense.

3) Mary named her son Elias Robinson Rutledge

4) In 1840, Ripley County, Indiana, Mary is living next to Elias (60-70) and near Benjamin Robinson. Elias may be her father.

Is Jacob Rutledge the son of Peter?

Probably. Jacob was born in 1793 and was living in Harrison County at the same time as Peter as evidenced by his 1816 marriage there. There is a male child listed in Peter’s household on the 1810 census that is the correct age to be Jacob. Jacob and Mary moved to Ripley County before his death in 1839, perhaps accompanying her Robinson family. Peter arrived about the same time.

Who are Peter’s Children?

Peter owned 128 acres on Raven’s Creek in 1805.[1]

In 1810, there was only one son aged 10-15 at home with Peter and Mariam. There were eight females ranging in age from 0-possibly 44.[2] Four of the eight females may be accounted for in Marriage bonds. There was one male, 10–15, on the 1810 Census.

Peter signed the following marriage bonds in Harrison County.

Miriam Rutledge to John Shaver 14 Jun 1819[3]

Ruth m. Samuel McCullough 7 Oct 1819[4]

Nancy to Newgent Matthews 3 Nov 1814[5]

Mary to William Young 24 Sep 1811 (no return)[6]

Other marriages around this time:

15 Nov 1819 Isaac Rutledge & Margaret Wright – Isaac signed

1816 – Jacob Rutledge m Polly Robinson, Jacob Signed

Isaac was 61 in 1850.[7] In 1810, he was 21. It is reasonable that he is not listed on the 1810 Census with Peter. Isaac moved to Grant County, Kentucky, but his sons William W. and Thomas J. stayed in Harrison County.

Peter married Ruth Robinson 14 Jun 1816 in Harrison County, Kentucky[8]. On 15 Mar 1820, Peter and Ruth sold their 109.75 acres in Harrison County, Kentucky property to William Kendell, and moved to Jefferson County.

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