Simple Tasks Spark Memories

As I was riding the mower yesterday, I finished our yard and moved to our neighbors, a young couple who both work. We often mow their front yard. Moving to their yard sparked a memory of my mom. We lived in the country with an acre lot between us and our neighbor. We took turns mowing that lot.

One day mom looked outside and noticed a moving truck at the house next door. She knew they were not moving. Mom watched a few minutes to see if the workers were delivering furniture, but they were carrying things out of the house.

Mom called the sheriff, but a deputy was far away. So, mom decided to mow the grass. She jumped on our riding lawn mower, mowed our front yard and nonchalantly started on the lot between the houses, going around the outer edge first.

Mom got the license plate of the truck and a good look at the 'movers'. She finished the lot and went inside to await the deputy. The movers were long gone by the time law enforcement arrived, but thanks to mom they had some leads.

I do not remember if the crooks were found, but it made for a great story. And showed Mom's resourcefulness and bravery.

Isn't it odd how an everyday event can spark a memory?