Rutledge's Labour

Thomas Rutledge bought 400 acres of land and had it surveyed in January of 1787. The land was patented 21 May 1790. There were 95 surplus acres in the survey, which he bought, making 495 total acres.[1] The land was near Mount Rutledge (surveyed for Vincent Standifer) and encompassed Thomas' home. In 1813 John C. bought part of Rutledge’s Labour from Thomas C [G.] Rutledge.[2]

A detailed look at the future sales breaking up the land and final dispersal by Thomas' widow, Elizabeth, supplied no direct evidence of relationships between Thomas, John C., or Vincent Standifer. However, based on earlier evidence, I believe Thomas and John may be brothers.

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[2] Maryland Land Records, MSA CE 33-6, p381, Grantor's Index 1810-1813