Rutledge's Delight

8 June 1727 - Rutledge's Delight - The initial survey was completed for Rutledge's Delight on this date.[1] The warrant was for 100 acres, but only 50 were surveyed. About 5 acres were cleared and contained a 10x12 house and fences. It laid along Armstrong's Creek.

The request located here: was used to identify the location of Armstrong's Creek. This was in the Middle River Lower Hundred in the 1783 census.

28 Sept 1745 William Rutledge, the eldest son, and heir at law of Michael Rutledge, sold Rutledge's Delight to John Jones for 12 pounds current money. His mother Hannah claimed Dower Rights.[2]

William Andrews' heirs paid taxes on the 50 acres of Rutledge’s Delight in 1783.[3] William Andrews' heirs paid the taxes on more than 3500 acres in 1783.

By 1783, William and Hannah's sons, Abraham, William, and Ephraim appear to have moved to the area near My Lady's Manor.

Years before, Rutledge's Delight may have been called Fuller's Outlet. In 1688, Robert Benger bought 100 acres named Fuller's Outlet from John Fuller. [4] The description is near Rutledge's Delight.

"100 acres called Fuller's Outlet... beginning at a bounded red oak, standing near The main branch of a River called middle River and running thence up a branch called Armstrong's branch North East 45 perches to a bounded water Oak standing by the said branch, then running North [paper torn] 430 perches then South West towards the said Main [missing] 45 perches Lastly [missing] down the said branch by a Direct Line to the 1st bounded tree."

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This map shows the location of Rutledge's Delight laid over a current map. The dimensions were pulled from the original Patent and mapped using Deedmapper Software.

Overlay of Rutledge's Delight over 2022 map. Note how the land may have eroded over time.