Is Peter Rutledge who moved to Coshocton, Ohio the son of John C.?

Four DNA matches have been researched and are proven to descend from Peter Rutledge who patented land in Coshocton County, Ohio on 1 Dec 1830. These four matches are descendants of three of Peter's children.

Coshocton County was formed from Muskingum and Tuscarawas counties on 31 January 1810.[1] Thomas Rutledge assigned land in the same county to Daniel Brush in 1835. The two parcels were in different sections and may not be related.[2] Could this be Peter's brother? More research is needed. We do know that Thomas was in Maryland in 1831 when John C.'s estate was settled, so MAYBE he did not move to this property in Ohio.

Peter was born about 1797 in Maryland.[3] Peter and Laura Yunger were married on 17 Jan 1822, probably in Coshocton County, Ohio.[4] Their children were: John (1822), Delilah (1824), Gilbert (1827), Andrew J (1829), Rozilla (1831), Crissa Ann (1834), Mary and Simon R (1842).

In 1826 Peter paid tax in Coshocton County, Ohio.[5] He owned 1 horse and 2 head of cattle. He is the only Rutledge on the list.

In 1830, Peter patented 86 acres in Coshocton County. Peter's land was located in Section 23 of Twp 7N, R8W. He got the W1/2 of the NE1/4 which amounted to 86 acres. Coshocton is the county north of Muskingum County, where my ancestors lived. The section lies upon the northern border of the county.[6] Peter paid taxes on this land from 1835 to 1838.[7]

Peter sold his Ohio land in September of 1847.[8] The trip from Coshocton County to Fulton County, Illinois along modern roads, is 496 miles. The typical wagon train traveled about 20 miles per day, so their journey may have taken just 24 days, but probably much longer, for a team of horses would need to rest for several days during that time.

Daughter Delilah married Jesse Rogers in Fulton County Illinois in May of 1848, so the family likely left Ohio shortly after the land sale, hopefully planning to arrive before winter.[9]

Peter, age 53 is in Fulton Co, Illinois in 1850 with his wife, Laura (49). The kids, Andrew J, Crissy, Mary and Simon, ages 20-8, were born in Ohio, so Peter was in Ohio from 1830 - 1847.[10]

Gilbert lived next to his father in 1850 and Rozilla lived with the Edward Sayre family in Fulton County, Illinois in 1850.[11]

Son John stayed in Ohio. In 1850 John was living with the Yunker family in Coshocton County.[12] John, a blacksmith, died in Ohio in 1878, leaving behind a widow and young children.

Census Information:

There is no Peter Rutledge recorded on the 1820 census, providing evidence that he is the 16-26 year old living with John C. Rutledge in Maryland.

A review of the 1830-1850 censuses is located below.

The 1880 census asked where the parents were born.[13] The enumerator did not write in Peter's answer.

Conclusions: All the children of Peter Rutledge have been accounted for, and no clue to the identity of their grandfather was found in the records. John C. Rutledge's son, Peter, was born before 1812, and Peter's birthdate of 1797 fits within the timeframe of John's other children and census records. There is no other record of a Peter Rutledge born in Maryland around this time, so I am placing Peter of Coshocton County, Ohio as the son of John C. Rutledge based upon the traditional research and DNA evidence that supports this placement.

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