Mother of Michael, Stepmother of William, John Deason and Edmund

Elizabeth Rutledge (abt. 1757 - abt. 1820)

Elizabeth Rutledge is living next to Michael on the 1820 Vernon, Trumbull, Ohio census. She is of the correct age to be his mother and has several daughters living with her. I believe this is ‘the widowed mother.’

Elizabeth appears on the 1810 Mine Run Hundred, Baltimore County, Maryland census. She lives next to the Standifords. There is a Bull family nearby. There are no other Rutledges on this page. Elizabeth has 2 males under 10, and there are 8 females. One of these is Elizabeth. The seven others may be Michael’s seven sisters.

According to the book “Early Harford Countians,” in April of 1781 Elizabeth Rutledge was paid seven pounds, 10 shillings for maintaining two crippled children.

On the 1790 Harford County, Maryland census, there is an Elizabeth Rutledge. There is 1 male over 16, 1 male younger than 16 and 3 females. The males fit. The 2 females may be the two crippled children she was paid to care for in 1781. I do not think this is the Elizabeth I am searching for.

A Michael Rutledge also appears on the 1790 census. One male older than 16, one male younger than 16 and 5 females. Michael was 13 in 1790. I believe this is the family, and Michael is the father.

Elizabeth does not appear on any tax lists in Ohio, so she never owned property. Elizabeth does NOT appear after 1820. I believe she died between 1820 and 1830. I found no record of her death.

I could not find anything that identified the ‘sisters’ as such. An analysis of the marriage records of Trumbull County led me to the probable names of the sisters, which are detailed in a different section.