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Who are the Children in Beech Grove Cemetery, Henry County, Indiana?

[1] https://www.genealogycenter.info/results_inhenrybeechgrove.php

There are a lot of questions about this transcription of the Beech Grove Cemetery in Henry County, Indiana.

John Rutledge and Martha Jane Rutledge are my Great Grandparents, John (1801-1890) and Martha Jane Dynes Rutledge (1819-1899). John was married a 2nd time to Hannah E. Williams. The Hannah in this listing is not her but is Hannah Farlow Rutledge, the wife of John Randolph Jeremiah Rutledge (John 1801's son).

The listing is incorrect. She was NOT 82, but 32. Look carefully at the detail picture. John RJR was born in 1854. If Hannah was 32 when she died, she was born in 1852. If she was 82 - she was born in 1802 - this is not likely and may cause researchers to confuse her with Hannah E. Williams who was the 2nd wife of John 1801.

But now to the real confusion - there are 2 children listed as the children of John and Hannah. But WHICH John and Hannah?

Neither child could be the child of John Randolph J. Rutledge (John RJR) and Hannah Farlow. The dates do not work. John Randolph Jeremiah Rutledge and Hannah Farlow were married on 9 Jan 1876 in Adams County, Indiana.[1] Both John RJR and Hannah Farlow were born after 1850, so they could not be the parents of the children.

John 1801 married Hannah E. Williams in 1831. She was born in 1810. Hannah Williams died in 1851 and is buried in Mt Summit, Henry County, Indiana.

Charles Rutledge who died 14 Jan 1850, according to the transcription, COULD be the son of John 1801 and Hannah Williams. There is a break between the known children - Alice b. 1846 and Samantha b. 1850. Charles fits nicely in this gap. However, John was living in Delaware County, Indiana in 1850 and Charles' tombstone is in Henry County.

The unknown Rutledge female who died 1840 and was born in 1838, could also be the daughter of John 1801 and Hannah. The same limitations apply.

To further confuse things, there is NO Rutledge listed on the 1850 Henry County, Indiana Census. BUT Look Across the Border! John 1801 lived in Monroe Township, Delaware County. Monroe township is on the southern border of Delaware county adjacent to Henry County. Beech Grove Cemetery is in Prairie Township, Henry County, directly south of Monroe Township. The church affiliated with the cemetery is likely the church John’s family attended.

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