We are keeping it simple. We had a menu full of product choices and options but decided to make asking for help with your genealogy or genetic genealogy questions as simple as possible. So here it is: We are here for you.


If you want a mentor to explain your DNA test results, walk you through the screens and explain what you are seeing,  get you started in DNA Painter, clustering, or other third-party programs, we are here. 


If you want ideas for breaking those brick walls or if you want to just talk through a problem, we are here.  We'll also do research for the same reasonable rate, manage your DNA tests, or attempt to unravel your confusing DNA test results.

Do you need a speaker for your Society or another group? Ask us about our remote presentations.

"I traveled over an hour for this workshop! You are a real teacher, thank you - see you next week"


"You found so much more than I did!"