Create a Book! 

I have a friend who knew very little about his family. He asked me if I would research one particular line that he knew almost nothing about.  

I researched the line and some of his other family lines because I came across interesting 'stuff' and found some pictures I thought he did not have. 

I knew a common "Client Report" was not going to work for this "Non-Genealogist". How could I share my finds in a format he would enjoy?

I made a book! Not a scrapbook and not a descendant report, but an actual book with pictures and stories. It includes enough genealogy to satisfy my standards, but more importantly, my friend loves it and was eager to share it with his sister. AND - I had FUN creating it! 

Since that first book, I've made others. Would you like to learn how to create your own book? I'll walk you through the process in a series of classes, so you can put together your own Family History Book.

I will be holding a class via ZOOM later this year. If you are interested, email me using the little red envelope above and I'll start a class list.  Class size will be limited to 10 people.