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Genetic Genealogy

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DNA testing companies have exposed many people to their ethnicity results. Many of these testers have discovered what has been my passion for over 40 years - Genealogy. 

Genetic Genealogy helped me break through brick walls in my research, confirm many of my research lines back multiple generations and find new cousins I never knew existed. 

But DNA testing is not all roses - there are surprises and confusion with many results. 


To make sense of distant matches requires old fashioned 'paper' research techniques - techniques I have been honing for many years. I have expanded my experience with constant education and participation in Professional Genealogy activities. 

Genealogy is more than DNA testing. Solid research demands solid skills. It demands continuous education, adherence to professional standards, good documentation, and skills to follow the hints many different records may leave.  

I believe that the knowledge we acquire is meant to be shared. I do this through teaching research techniques, holding workshops, and organizing and participating in seminars. 

"It's great working with a professional"