Initial Assessment - FREE

Initial Assessment - FREE


Need some help, but not sure where to start? A consultation will get you started on your own or with me! 


Email me with a short message containing the information you know and the goal you want to meet. I’ll send you a free assessment and rough estimate. 


  • Consultation Info

    Need some help, but not sure where to start? I will review the information you provide and help you get on track to continue your research. When purchased along with an additional service, the first consultation hour is used to assess your needs and develop a plan for continued services. 

    DNA consultations include an assessment of your DNA results and recommendations for future analysis. 


    Notice: There is no guarantee that the research will produce the desired outcome or answer the research question.

    If you request a refund before work on your project (beyond the initial consultation) has begun, your full deposit will be refunded. I do not provide full refunds once I have commenced work; however, a partial refund may be granted,  depending on the amount of work already performed. Refunds are given based on the time remaining and are not based on research results.