DNA Test Management - Initial Setup

DNA Test Management - Initial Setup

$99.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price

We will download your DNA raw file from your testing company site and upload it to multiple sites you select. A report of close family matches or matches also listing one selected surname is included.  After this initial setup, the fee drops to the subscription fee. Additional analysis may be purchased at our hourly rate. 


    WARNING: DNA test analysis may reveal 'surprises' that could emotionally affect you or your immediate family members. 



    Notice: There is no guarantee that the research will produce the desired outcome or answer the research question.

    If you request a refund before work on your project (beyond the initial consultation) has begun, your full deposit will be refunded. I do not provide full refunds once I have commenced work; however, a partial refund may be granted,  depending on the amount of work already performed.

    Refunds are given based on the time remaining and are not based on research results.