Why not Wikitree?

I was asked recently why I am not posting my research on Wikitree. The answer is very simple - it has gone the way of every other publicly available database. The Tree is not correct. Many people who are posting on Wikitree are not doing the research, but copying from Ancestry, FamilySearch and the like. Wiki has an 'oath' for early researchers, but they are not enforcing their own policies. Trying to enforce them would be impossible anyway - there are too many people posting there.

At least by posting on my site, I am responsible for the content, and know the research was done to the best of my abilities. Are there mistakes? I am sure there are, but they are my mistakes, not copies of the mistakes of others.

It's expensive to pay for my website every year, I'll keep it up as long as I am able, and hopefully it will help someone in the research.


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