The John C. Rutledge Connection

Updated: Feb 24

The John C. Rutledge Connection

Some researchers believe that John C Rutledge was the father of William and John. This was easily disproved. Let me clarify this - John C. was the father of two sons, William and John, but these sons are not the William and John that are my ancestors.

In 1810 John C Rutledge was over the age of 45, so he was born before 1765. In 1813 he bought part of Rutledge’s Labour from Thomas C Rutledge. In 1828, John dies, leaving his wife, Belinda Bull, and several children. John and Belinda were married in 1821, so there was probably a previous marriage.

His daughter's names (Susannah, Elizabeth, Mary, and Sarah) do not correspond with the 7 sisters of William, John D, Edmund, and Michael.

If he were born in 1765, John would have been 63 at his death.

Edmund, William, John D and Michael were born from 1765-1777. John C was probably NOT the father.

John C calls out his children’s names in his will. His sons were William, John, Peter, and Thomas. His last child, Sarah, was born about 1825, so John was probably not much over 63 at his death and may have been a bit younger, but still not young enough to father Edmund, William, John D and Michael.

I must follow this family forward to confirm, but as of now, I do not believe these are my direct line. John C may have been a cousin of my Rutledge line, probably not their father. My William was born about 1769, definitely NOT within the range for John C. to be his father.

Rutledge's Labor

Thomas Rutledge purchased 400 acres of land and had it surveyed in January of 1787. It was patented 21 May 1790. There were 95 surplus acres in the survey, which he purchased, making 495 total acres.[i] The land was near Mount Rutledge (surveyed for Vincent Standifer) and encompassed Thomas' home. A detailed look at the future sales breaking up the land and final dispersal by his widow, Elizabeth, supplied no evidence of relationships between the parties, however I believe Thomas was Thomas Gorsuch, John's brother as evidenced below.

John C. Rutledge Parentage

I have only one source that provides evidence of John's parents. A listing of the Methodist pastors serving in Pennsylvania and Maryland lists Hugh Doyle, husband of Susannah Rutledge.[1] It notes that Susannah was the first cousin of Joshua Wells Rutledge. Joshua Wells is the son of Thomas Gorsuch Rutledge and grandson of William and Margaret Rutledge. So, to be first cousins, John C. Rutledge must be the son of William and Margaret, too.

[i] Liber IC; F:13



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